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Novecento Carved font family. Two layers, endless possibilities
Novecento Sans font family, now with smallcaps. 6 free fonts
The best Novecento Sans' friend: Novecento Slab. 2 free fonts
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about the author

Synthview’s fonts are designed and developed by Jan Tonellato, a freelance Web & Graphic designer, currently living in Paris, France. In love with typography, he attended the 2010 «type design» master class at Poli-Design (Politecnico) in Milan, Italy, and then extended his professional activity to typographic research and design.

His fonts are crafted from a graphic designer’s point of view, to fit designers needs.

Note: The webfont used on this website is PT sans italic.

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Feedback welcome

Do you have an improvement request or suggestion? Do you want to give some feedback or to talk about type? Please feel free to drop me a line; you’re welcome.