This is the new Novecento Sans Font Family. 32 styles, now more condensed; 16 stylistic Opentype features; 590 glyphs, now with smallcaps; 76 latin supported languages

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Version 3.001 — Last update: 15/09/2013 — Changelog

This is the 3rd release of Novecento sans, a Caps + small-caps font family inspired on European typographic tendencies between the second half of 19th century and first half of the 20th. It looks rational and geometric. However, it is optically corrected and balanced. This font face is designed to be used mostly for headlines, visual identities or short sentences, both in big and small sizes.
Novecento sans is very versatile: lighter faces provide a more contemporary and design look&feel, while the bolder ones definitely look retro. Novecento family was spaced and kerned with love and patience; each font has between 700 and 1050 kerning pairs. This font is available for licensing in opentype and webfont format, as well as for mobile apps, ebooks and for software embedding.

  Ultrabold Bold Demibold Medium Normal Book Light Ultralight
wide wide ultrabold wide bold
wide bold is freeware
wide demibold
wide demibold is freeware
wide medium
wide medium is freeware
wide normal
wide normal is freeware
wide book
wide book is freeware
wide light
wide light is freeware
wide ultralight
regular ultrabold bold demibold medium normal book light ultralight
narrow narrow ultrabold narrow bold narrow demibold narrow medium narrow normal narrow book narrow light narrow ultralight
consensed condensed ultrabold condensed bold condensed demibold condensed medium condensed normal condensed book condensed light condensed ultralight

Opentype Stylistic variants

Stylistic alternates

Alternate Q, N, I, J, Y, 0 letter shapes are accessible one by one in applications reading Opentype “Stylistic sets” and the “slashed zero” feature, like Indesign.
All these alternate characters can also be accessed by the SALT feature (Stylistic Alternate) in other applications, like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Facts on figures

tabular/lining figures, both in uper and lowercase

Figures, monetary symbols and some other glyphs has lowercase and uppercase variants, both lining and tabular.

Tabular figures of each width always align despite of their weight and case. In other words, you can vertically align numbers all together in light, medium bold and so on.

superiors, numerators, denominators, ordinals, fractions

Small numbers as well as ordinals are expressly designed to match font weight and can be activated as opentype features.

A new automatic fractions generation script from Tal Leming (Fraction Fever 2) recognizes fractions vs. dates and nicely renders values like “2 and a half”.

Language helpers: Catalan, Dutch, German, Moldavian, Romanian, Polish, Turkish

Novecento sans uses the power of Opentype to overstep the current technical limitations, enriching the typesetting experience in a totally transparent way to the user.
P.S.: Thanks to Glyphs app for making it easy to code.

  • Locl features for Romanian, Moldavian and Polish

    Moldavian/Romanian and Polish advanced diacritics support. It allows to display the correct diacritics symbols.

    Just set your text language to automatically switch to these localized accents.

  • Locl feature for Turkish

    Turkish language helper. It correctly differentiates i and dotless-i in smallcaps.

    Just set your text language to Turkish to show a dot on the smallcaps i.

  • Locl feature for Catalan

    Catalan language helper. It helps displaying the correct punt volant (Ldot sign) when typing the “l” letter followed by the vertically centered dot.

    Just set your text language to Catalan to activate the l· helper.

  • Locl feature for Dutch

    Dutch language helper. While an accented j does not exist as a glyph on its own, this helper adds an acute accent on the j (or J) when it is following and accented i (í).

    Just set your text language to Dutch to activate the “íj” helper.

  • Calt feature to get Sharp S (uppercase ß)

    Uppercase “Sharp S” helper. German “Sharp S” cannot be typed on most keyboard layouts. This helper detects when an “ß” is among uppercases and transform it into its uppercase version.

    This helper is associated with the “contextual alternates” OT feature and it is often on by default.

Supported Languages (76)

  • Afrikaans, Albanian, Alsatian,
  • Basque, Bislama, Bosnian, Breton,
  • Catalan, Chamorro, Chichewa, Cornish, Croatian, Czech,
  • Danish, Dutch,
  • English, Esperanto, Estonian,
  • Faroese, Finnish, Flemish, Franco-Provencal, French, Frisian, Friulian,
  • Gaelic, Gagauz (latin), Galician, German, Greenlandic
  • Hawaiian, Hungarian,
  • Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian,
  • Karelian (unified), Kashubian, Kurdish,
  • Ladin, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish,
  • Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Manx Gaelic, Maori, Moldavian (latin),
  • Northern Sotho, Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk),
  • Occitan,
  • Polish, Portuguese,
  • Rhaeto-Romance, Romanian, Romansh,
  • Sami (Inari), Sami (Lule), Sami (Northern), Sami (Southern), Scottish Gaelic, Serbian (latin transcription), Slovak, Slovenian, Sorbian (lower), Sorbian (upper), Spanish, Swahili, Swedish,
  • Tagalog, Turkish, Turkmen,Tswana,
  • Walloon, Welsh.

Font tester

Type your custom text here €(01)23­45:67*­8/9 cinque tijd
please notice not all opentype features can be previewed with this demo

Glyphs table

Table of glyphs
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